Division of Infectious diseases

Modena (MO), 1996


Regione Emilia Romagna – Azienda Ospedaliera di Modena

approx. 7.200 m2

Architectural design and master plan


Servizi Tecnologie Sistemi Spa

The Division of Infectious Diseases – the first multi-zone specialist department of infectivology in the province of Modena – is located in a building that is separate from the main body of the General Hospital and rises at the side entrance. At the ground floor is the Division’s out-patients department, at the first floor the Day Hospital department and at the second and third floor the hospitalization department. The parallelepiped shape, due to the plan’s restrictions of the existing hospital, is enriched by bow windows, catwalks on the façade and boxes at the entrance. A ventilated façade has got a coating made up of coloured asbestos-cement sheets that are screwed into the metal substructure.