ED13 – Pirelli

Milano, 2007


Pirelli Real Estate

approx. 4.350 m2

Competition by invitation


Eng. G. Ghilardi, Eng. F. Iorio

The use of vegetation to achieve the highest conditions for environmental comfort represent the guideline for the development of the project of Building 13. For this purpose the volume of the building was developed on the entire length of the lot and it was emptied with green spaces widely distributed within it. The envelope is the result of a series of technological solutions that maximize thermal insulation and allow natural light to enter through the reflecting surface. The technical installations are functional to the architectural solutions and are designed to get highest internal comfort.

03 – Ed.13 Pirelli AIACE srl
01 – Ed.13 Pirelli AIACE srl
04 – Ed.13 Pirelli AIACE srl
05 – Ed.13 Pirelli AIACE srl