Extension of the Public School “Guido Galli”

Bergamo, 2016


Provincia di Bergamo – School building and urban plannig sector

approx. 1.430 m2 of façade

Façades construction design



Public school for Higher Education “Guido Galli” in Bergamo, has started since 2009 a project of expansion and functional rationalization funded by the Province. The intervention consists in the construction of a new three-level building, designed for classrooms and reception areas, connected to the existing building through a single level artefact.
The new building is composed by a set of simple volumes, essentially parallelepipeds, clad by fibercement panels that generate a strong contrast with the existing building. Light and charcoal gray fibercement panels create fronts characterized by a strong chromatic impact, full of contrast with the technological elements on the facade.
The proposals goal was to design the support system for the facade panels, consisting in vertical aluminum profiles anchored to the back wall. In addition, it was proposed an architectural scheme in order to follow the windows and doors alignments, to incorporate the colors shades specified by the architectural designer and to optimized the materials supply.
The project, in addition to many particular technological situations, has been designed to guarantee maximum construction speed, considering supplies and installation system in order to allow the continuity of works, even on different portions of the building.
When possible, the panels have been supplied cut and perforated otherwise into lots of variable-lengths, partially cut and perforated to complete on site in order to adapt perfectly to the elevation schemes.