When the green economy had not yet made its debut in society, changing the way of thinking, designing and constructing in such an incisive manner as it currently happens, AIACE, for its forward-looking vision of its founders, had already included in its company name the term Eco-friendly. For years AIACE has been dealing with the improvement of the energy performance of buildings with a single objective: to reduce emissions due to the buildings. Buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy consumption: AIACE, for its own projects and third-party support, proposes and develops innovative solutions in the direction of sustainability and for NZEB buildings. An effective, prudent, rational and sustainable use of energy leads to the maximization of the performance of both the single product and the entire building.
Through the study and the experience gained (also in collaboration with the University Institutes where its partners are committed), AIACE identifies the strengths and the potentials for the exploitation of passive strategies, completing them with the introduction of the best active strategies. AIACE combines its experience with the ability to operate at different levels with calculation, simulation, verification and testing tools, ensuring a complete process in the development of a sustainable project, process or product. Simulations in static and dynamic conditions for entire buildings or for individual components are developed with the help of the most suitable software.
The possibility to analyze data contained in the continuous monitoring of the designed buildings, equipped with BMS, rather than analysis and precise monitoring, guarantees AIACE an experience based on feedback and not only hypothesized.