Works supervision

AIACE carries out supervision of the works on site throughout a dedicated team, always updated from a technical and regulatory point of view both in the field and with back office activities. All the activities are carried out with experience, for customer’s service, from the phase of documentary analysis preparatory for the construction site to the phases of ending and delivery of the works. Meetings and inspection (in relation to the complexity of the works), interactions with the involved companies and dialogue with the client qualify AIACE as a present and active reality in the process of construction. AIACE carries out activities of supervision on site through analysis processes and verification of the correct execution of the works, the quality of the materials used, compliance with the contractual requirements, the collection of all documentation (certificates of materials, declarations of producers, etc.), the measurement and accounting of works, the management of progress reports and the issuing of payment certificates, the preparation of a final report and assistance for testing. Final target is the realization of the project in accordance to estabilished time, costs and resources.