Parametric and BIM design

The increasing complexity of constructions involving specialists in ever-increasing numbers, in the phases of design, construction, management and maintenance, requires a coordinated tool able to contain the number of information inherent to the process. BIM technology is the efficient answer for managing the entire process. Thanks to a BIM model every element that constitutes the project is characterized by parameters/information that each actor is able to improve in his specific intervention phase. During the process it is possible to verify the works, do clash detection between the elements of different disciplines (architectural, structural, systems), compute costs and materials, during the construction phase it is possible to guarantee a correct development of the works from management point of view and during the life (also with the improvement given by the virtual reality) it is possible to optimize the maintenance processes. AIACE through the use of advanced software guarantees an efficient management of the construction process in all its dimensions (3D, 4D, 5D, 6D and 7D).