Façades and envelope

Façades represent the image of a building and its inhabitants. Both in the case of new construction and renovation. In relation to his experience in the field, AIACE provides the design of curtain walls as unitized and stick façades, double skin, punctual or ventilated systems with any coating type (stone, ceramic, metal, fiber cement, etc.). The engineering of façade systems is carried out through a series of operations that, starting from the relief of the state of affairs, lead to a compositional, constructive and operative design proposal for the assembly phases. AIACE deals with the final project, with detailed studies of the interfaces and connections between the components, accompanied by the compilation of bills of materials and constructing factory drawings, indispensable for the construction of the project. The structural analysis supports the detailed design and it aimed at optimizing the system components and based on the elaboration of finite element modeling with the use of specific calculation software. AIACE also takes care of the on-site assistance, through careful checks, finally guarantees the correct compliance with the project.