Interior design

From the importance of the representativeness of an environment, understood not as appearance but as the substance that reflects the way we live that activity, derives the importance of the conception and realization of space. The analysis of the requests of the client, of the dimensions, of the light, of the materials, of the colors, of the technical equipment constitute a flow of information that AIACE crystallizes in an idea. The idea, the concept is translated into reality through the analytical, technical and rational study of the requests. Interior design means not only the study of functional furnishing, but also attention to the technical-economic aspects with the ultimate objective of the enhancement of the client. The attention to detail in the direction of the rationality of the idea has always been a driver in the concepts of AIACE, whether they are elements of urban furniture, interior design or the choice of technical elements. AIACE develops interior design projects, in collaboration with specialized partners, for offices, residences, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and shops.