Due Diligence

In an increasingly stringent and dynamic legislative and economic context, the purchase and sale activity for the redevelopment of a property must be managed not only from an economic but also a technical point of view, to avoid the economic factor having a heavy impact on the general situation. AIACE assists its clients or their intermediaries in the process of transferring a building asset. AIACE develops due diligence activities with the aim of providing elements of evaluation of the transaction’s convenience, identifying risks and related problems that can constitute a tool for negotiating terms and conditions, as well as preparing appropriate correction, guarantee and resolution tools, emerged issues, indemnity or compensation.
It is therefore of significant importance to verify the conformity of a building with respect to the regulations in force in the various areas and the regularity of the state of affairs with respect to deeds deposited with the Bodies. AIACE organizes the activity from the preliminary stages up to the completion of the negotiation. The activity is developed through the retrieval of documentation from the bodies involved/responsible for the authorization of a property, the implementation of a paper or virtual Data-Room, the execution of surveys and analysis at the asset, the drafting of detailed reports aimed at the detailed description of the situation and/or the definition of corrective actions for the regularization of the building. The technical analysis evaluates the urban, environmental, structural and plant engineering aspects. AIACE carries out the technical analysis with the aim of highlighting the correspondence of the status of fact to the authorizations by verifying abuse, amnesties, amnesties and assessing the consistency of the quality and status of the property and any costs/time necessary to adapt the property (repairs, renovations, change of use or redevelopment). AIACE also deals with the planning of interventions through the estimation of capex maintenance.