Site safety engineering

AIACE is able, through its specialized technicians with decades of experience in the field of on site safety engineering not only to fulfill the requirements of Articles. 91 and 92 of Legislative Decree 81/2008, but also to partecipate in a dynamic, proactive and interactive manner with respect to all the actors involved in the design and construction process. Compliance with the standards and its specific interpretation in the case in question make AIACE the CSP or CSE suitable to protect the client or the person in charge of the work, to guarantee safety in the workplace by creating productive synergy. AIACE manages the security coordination roles, sure to be able to provide a service that doesn’t represent an obstacle, but rather a help on site, for a development of the work in safety and in the pre-established times. AIACE has developed, over the years and thanks to the experience gained, a fluid development process for companies, friendly for subcontractors, effective for the client. AIACE collaborates in a transversal way, supporting all the actors involved on site at different levels. POS, PSC, timetables, site layouts, work files, safety inspections, coordination meetings, technical-documentary checks are actively processed through active participation in the design and construction process.