Raffles Education – Milano


Raffles Asset Italy Srl

approx. 2.000 m2

Architectural co-design, fire safety engineering, final design, supervision of works support, site safety engineering.


Alterstudio Partners srl

Raffles Group was founded in 1990 and has 24 colleges in 13 countries around the world. The project to open the first European office in Milan is concretized in the renovation of a building of the 40s in Porta Venezia area. The original building, for office use, has undergone internal demolition, for a functional redistribution of spaces suitable to host “the Institute of Fashion and Design”. Classrooms, laboratories, meeting and recreation spaces, services and new furnishings have been conceived with the aim of providing the environments and activities with the international-scale that characterizes the Raffles Group’s mission.

The technical and energetic performances have been enhanced with the insertion of concrete walls for the improvement of the seismic behavior, with the realization of an internal coating and with the replacement of the windows to reach the comfort and to observe the current standards.
The façade on the internal courtyard has been redeveloped and modernized by applying a metal sheet panels.
The use of eye safety materials in case of fire.