Bbk BiblioPark

Legnano (MI), 2008


Municipality of Legnano

approx. 3.200 m2

Ideas competition


Studio Dott. Ing. Ghilardi, Arch. G. Cantù, Arch. S. Baratto, Arch. E. Rota

The New library of Legnano was designed with respect for the local tradition, while bringing out the peculiar features of industrial architecture and enriching them with latest technological solutions. The project proposal aims at emphasizing the view of the park from within the building, yet without neglecting the building’s  character of closing and protection. For this purpose a matt screen shields the façades looking onto the streets. The façade looking onto the park has got an adequate slope to hold solar thermal and photovoltaic collectors. The peculiar shape of the building and the installation of solar chimneys activate natural ventilation.