Medateca Library

Meda (MB), 2012


Municipality of Meda

approx. 1.910 mslp

Site Safety Engineering and supervision of works


Alterstudio Partners Srl

The pre-existing building, left unfinished from the 80s, has been recovered through the creation of the “MedaTeca”, a social catalyst for the city and the territory. The project, influenced by the existing structure and by the constraints imposed by the lot size, doubled the volume, modifying the geometric, aesthetic and material characteristics. The result is a strong visual impact, in line with the “public vocation” that the building wants to have.

MedaTeca is an elevation of the concept of the library, which in addition to the possibility to borrow books and DVDs and to the arrangement of study and reading space, serves as a meeting place to socialize and participate in various cultural events.