Foundation “Don Leandro Rossi” for child care

Lodi, 2007


“Don Leandro Rossi” Foundation

approx. 700 m2

Architectural and structural design, supervision of works


Studio Iorio Srl, Digierre3 Srl

The cooperation between the BEST Department of Politecnico di Milano and the Foundation “Don Leandro Rossi” led to the construction of a prototype building that is an object of experimentation and research. The building is made up of different volumes that include various construction solutions with the goal of getting an envelope that is able to adjust itself dynamically to the context. The experimentation applied produced an innovative component for ventilated façades. The passive behaviour has been integrated by installations that include solar thermal and photovoltaic  panels. These solutions allowed to get the energy certification “A class C.EN.ED. Lombardy”.

05 Fondazione Don Leandro Rossi AIACE srl_2