Rigenerare Corviale

Roma, 2015


ATER di Roma

area 600.000 m

Ideas competition

The Corviale, a unique model with a high population density, has been conceived as an autonomous and self-sufficient organism to protect the surrounding territory, against the consumption of soil. Despite this quality and its being iconic and ideal architecture, the degradation of buildings, the non-completion of the complex and a general problem of disorientation and alienation linked to some typological aspects did not make possible, over the years, the development of meaningful relationships with the immediate and wider context. On the other hand, the specification of Corviale offers enormous possibilities for transformation without hide its essence, its symbolic connotation, its ability to be a city. The project proposal is to reconstitute, at the various dimensional scales, a clear system of relations between public spaces and routes from the territory to the landing, recovering the origin of building as a “piece of the city”.